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One year of Northwest School of Supernatural Ministry is $1000 per student. This includes tuition, guest teachers and one ministry trip (not books). Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry (in Redding) is $4,400 per year plus housing, etc. Northwest University, with instate tuition, fees, room & board and books is $24,180 per year. 

BOOKS & NOTEBOOKS ARE NOT INCLUDED. (There are 14 Notebooks throughout the school year @ $20 each and various books that will be read. The books can be purchased through the school or, etc.)

  • Students that can pay full tuition before July 15, will receive a 10% discount ($900 cost per student).

  • Students that enroll with their spouse, will each receive a 10% discount on each of their tuitions ($900 cost per student).


Students can make payments on their tuition in the following plans.

  • One Payment: If you can pay for all of the cost before July 15, you receive a 10% discount. (Student would pay $900 instead of $1000.)

  • Quarterly: First payment is $400 due before school begins. Second payment of $300 is due before Dec. Third payment of $300 is due before March.

  • Monthly: First payment of $200 is due before the start of each month. Thereafter a payment of $100 is due before the beginning of each month.

If you are interested in attending the school, but finances are an impossibility, please contact the school at Rainier Assembly of God and a meeting will be set up to discuss options.

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