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Who is NWSSM For?

Northwest Supernatural School of Ministry is for people that want to go into full time ministry, part time ministry, become a better leader (in business, ministry, marriage or life) deepen their walk with the Lord or just want to learn more.

Is NWSSM Accredited?

No, it is not. However, if you are planning to use this towards ministry, most pastors and leaders are going to be excited about your education AND your hands on experience.

Can I work and still attend this school?

Absolutely! We want people to be able to carry on their family and work lives but still be able to dig in deeper and become all that God has called them and gifted them to be.

Do I really need to get my pastor’s approval?

YES! We want people that are in right standing with their pastor and church and we also want you to continue to serve in your local church. Many Ministry Schools are having challenges with people leaving their home churches and moving to the Ministry School and this is NOT what we want. Our goal is to encourage and be of assistance to your local church. In fact, this is the reason that we have named the school, Northwest Supernatural School of Ministry, because we don’t want it to be only about us, but about being just one part of the bigger picture, the Kingdom of God in the great Northwest.

How many hours a week or a month will I be expected to put in outside of class time on book work?

Most of the work time will be included in the classroom time, during Wednesday Nights and the one Saturday a month. However, several books will typically be assigned during the school year. Most books will be around 150-200 pages, so it depends on the reading speed of the student. The 3 hours a month that is served in your church can be done usually during service times, when the student would already be attending. There is a correlation between how much time you invest and the spiritual return.


Feel free to call Rainier Assembly of God (host church) with any other questions- 503-556-8211.

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