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Each student will be expected to travel at least once during the school year, as part of a ministry team with one of NWSSM’s associated ministers. Travel expenses will be paid by the school, meals will need to be provided by the student. (Most of these trips will be within driving distance of the Longview/Kelso/Rainier area and carpooling will be organized.)


Students will also be expected to serve three hours a month in different capacities within their home church. These hours will be based on ministry interests that the student has and will give opportunity for growth (This will be coordinated with the student’s pastor and/or staff). Students will also be assigned to work in the Lower Columbia Healing Rooms ministry during the school year.


EVERY student will need to have a release form signed by their home pastor. This form gives the pastor’s approval for the student to attend the school and that the student is in good standing with their home church and pastor. This also explains to the pastor, that the vision of the school is for the student to continue being a healthy member of THEIR local church and that NO proselytizing shall take place.

Pastors, yes you would lose this servant leader on Wednesday nights for 9 months but they will come back with an education and a better understanding of serving for the rest of their lives!


  • Discover your identity in Christ.

  • Develop a deeper intimacy with God and other believers.

  • Learn and live out the values of the Kingdom of Heaven, with a solid biblical understanding.

  • Develop YOUR gifts and learn how to walk in the power of the Holy Spirit to take the transformational culture of the Kingdom to the world.

  • Learn to study and love Scripture.

  • Serve with love, truth and power on our school ministry team and at conferences and community outreach and be available to serve at your own church.

  • Get equipped by participating in ministry training classes, Lower Columbia Healing Rooms, RAG Prophetic Teams and with “Advance Teams” (teams that travel with our ministers).

  • Release what you carry to the region by participating in ministry team opportunities and have the opportunity to minister to the nations through upcoming missions trips (not included in the school tuition- see Ministry Opportunities above).

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