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Through hands-on ministry, the students learn more than head knowledge and have spiritual skills when they graduate.

We have five main sources of instruction. We have live staff instructors (such as Denny Cline, Garry Siegenthaler, Ivan Roman, Angela Pinkston, Dan Hammer, Joseph Mattera and many, many more) that teach on Bible, prophetic ministry, healing ministry, leadership and so much more. The school staff also does a great deal of coaching throughout the year.

Second, we utilize video curriculum from the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry. This includes a variety of world-renowned instructors.


Third, we utilize guest instructors that are regionally recognized and sometimes internationally recognized apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers (see section on Guest Instructors). These guest instructors are brought in one Saturday a month for about 5 hours of instruction. The students are able to be involved with the instructor on a fairly smaller basis this way and have instruction, question and answer time and ministry time with these amazing leaders.

Fourth, we utilize required reading as a portion of our educational process. These are books that present foundational truths that help build the students understanding, knowledge and character. The reading assignment is a little more than one book per month.

Last and the most exciting is our hands-on learning. We require each student to stay plugged in to their home church and to serve a required amount of hours in their home church and stay accountable with their pastor. We also require students to serve a certain number of nights through the year in the Lower Columbia Healing Rooms. Through this ministry, they learn about intercessory prayer, ministering to people, discernment, deliverance and healing ministry. There are also opportunities in class, in field trips and through ministry trip opportunities with our leaders to minister.

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